History of God's Global Grace
International Christian Church
Founded October 26, 2014

God closes doors and opens new ones!  We were notified that a local construction project had slated our previous location for demolition.  God provided a new larger facility only two blocks from our previous location.  To mark the occasion of our move we elected to choose a new unique name which reflects our commitment to our internationally focused ministry, as well as differentiate us from other wholly unrelated entities that had similar names.  In October of 2014 we relocated to another much larger facility on the 5th floor of a 6-story gray building (called the Ju Shin Building), in the Songtan Market area near the Post Office and DC Mart.  We acquired much needed space for the nursury, multiple Sunday school rooms, fellowship hall, kitchen and sanctuary. 

God's Global Grace (G³) International Christian Church family continues to grow with a very multicultural and multiethnic body of believers from all over the world to include the United States, Korea, Philippines, Iran, China, Canada, and others.  We hold our main worship services in English and provide simultaneous translations in Farsi, Korean, and occasionally, Mandarin Chinese.  Currently we have small bible study and prayer groups in the English, Korean, and Tagalog languages.  Everyone from all nations, backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and walks of life are welcome to join this Body of Christ.  We actively support Christian outreach missions in South Korea, North Korea, Haiti, and the Philippines.


History Of Victory Christian Fellowship – Kyong Ki-Do

In 2002 we recognized a need to establish a worship service for international English speaking persons in the Pyongtaek and Osan areas.  Pastor Donald Bornowski was asked to be the founding pastor and on the 5th of February, 2003, the first service was held in a church member’s house near Wongok.  The Sunday services began with about eight people from the local area and quickly grew in numbers.  This church was established for all who desire to draw closer to Christ.  We purposefully chose not to be directly affiliated under any one specific Christian denomination as this may be a stumbling block to many who are seeking the Lord but may have had an unfortunate experience or opinion about a particular organization.   This church family and its teachings are based upon the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.

By April of the same year the church family grew to 35 people and we were praying for the Lord to provide a bigger facility for us.  Simultaneously, the leaders of the Jwa Dong Methodist Church in Songtan were praying to begin an English ministry.  The Lord brought us together and on the 27th of April, 2003, we began to hold Sunday worship services and Bible studies in the sanctuary located on the 4th floor of the Jwa Dong Methodist Church’s administrative building.  This was an excellent location as it was just a few hundred meters from the Songtan Bus terminal and taxi stands.  It was also fairly close to the Shopping districts and the Songtan subway station.

As we continued to grow, we required more space for Sunday school rooms, adult Bible studies, a pastor’s office for counseling, correspondence boards, and many other resources to continue to meet the expanding requirements of the church family.  We continued to bring this need to the Lord and He again fulfilled our requests more than we could have imagined.  We were led to a large 2nd floor facility at the end of the Shin Jang Mall shopping area.  This facility had previously been a wedding hall and with many renovations and improvements it was ready for our first service on the American Thanksgiving Day Sunday, the 22nd of November 2009.

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