2013 Sermons

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2013.12.15 - Do You Listen For God?     (video)     (audio)     Psalm 29
(Guest Pastor)   

2013.11.24 - How Thankful Are You?     (video)     (audio)     1Thes5:16-18

2013.11.17 - Would God Call You "The Salt of The Earth"?     Matt5:14-15

2013.11.10 - Set Free From What and For What?     (video)     (audio)     Rom6:1-7

2013.11.03 - A Legacy - What You Leave Behind.    (video)     (audio)     Acts11:22-24

2013.10.27 - Standing Firm.     (video)     (audio)     2Tim3:10-17 

2013.10.20 - Excuses or Results - Your Choice.     (video)     (audio)     Psalm25:1-3

2013.10.13 - What Does Your Reaction To Death Preach?     (video)     (audio)     1Thes4:13-18

2013.10.06 - What You Do Every Day Has Great Impact.     1Thes4:9-12

2013.09.29 - Are You Playing Or Serious?     (video)    (audio)    Isa55:6-7

2013.09.22 - How Do You Worship?     (video)     (audio)     John4:19-24

When Jesus met the unnamed Samaritan woman at Jacob's Well, He did not let cultural prohibitions stop Him from doing the Father's work.  As a result, the Samaritan woman was instantly changed and ran forth proclaiming that she had met the Messiah.  How has your life changed since meetinh the Lord Jesus?

2013.09.15 - First Impressions - Part II.     (video)     (audio)     Eph5:1-4

2013.09.08 - First Impressions.     (video)     (audio)     Matt9:10-13

2013.09.01 - Trees and Fruit.     (video)     (audio)     Luke13:6-9

2013.08.25 - Are You a Good Servant?     (video)     (audio)     Matt24:45-51
(Part 3 in a series entitled The Day of the Lord)


2013.08.18 - Are You Ready?     (video)     (audio)     Matt24:3-8
(Part 2 in a series entitled The Day of the Lord)

2013.08.11 - The Fear of the Lord.     (video)     (audio)     Zeph1:2-3     Zeph3:14-15
(Part 1 in a series entitled The Day of the Lord)

2013.08.04 - IAM WHO I AM.     Exod3:1-14
(Guest Pastor: Chaplain Hernandez)

God chose Moses to confront Pharaoh and lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  Moses was far from a perfect man.  Moses had been cast away as a babe, rescued by the daughter of Pharaoh and raised as a Prince of Egypt.  Moses murdered a man and fled from Pharaoh’s justice to wander for many years.  When called by God, Moses doubted that he could stand up to Pharaoh.  God nevertheless used Moses promising to put words into his mouth and additionally motivated Aaron to assist Moses.    There is nothing we cannot achieve if we are doing God’s Will!  What excuses are you using to avoid doing God’s Will? 

2013.07.28 - Call Out To The Lord.     (video)     (audio)     Mark10:46-52

God placed a blind man named Bartimaeus in the vicinity of Jericho as Jesus was travelling to Jerusalem.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Bartimaeus recognized Jesus as the messiah, Son of the Living God.  Bartimaeus called out to Jesus and was given eyesight.  Through prayer and faith, we too will receive blessings, healings and comfort from Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Do you call out to Jesus in faith and belief and great expectation? 

2013.07.21 - Friends of God.     (video)     (audio)     Gen18:1-8
(Elder Frank Vaughan)

2013.07.14 - There Will Be Storms.     (audio)     Mark4:35-40
(Guest Pastor: Don Brown)

2013.07.07 - Shining Like the Stars.     (video)     (audio)     Philip2:14-18

2013.06.30 - Why Me?     (video)     (audio)     Phili1:12-14,18-21

2013.06.23 - How Much Love Do You Have?     (video)     (audio)     Phili1:9-11

2013.06.02 - Who Are You Going With?     Prov16:1-3     1John1:5-7

2013.05.26 - What Is Pentecost To Me?     (video)     (audio)     John14:16-20     Acts2:1-4

2013.05.19 - I Must Leave You Now.     (video)     Acts1:7-11

In the days and weeks leading to Jesus' Passion and Holy Sacrifice on the cross, He warmly prepared His followers for the Great Commission.  Jesus gave explicit instructions for how and where they were to remain so that they would receive the Holy Spirit.  Luke records many examples of the great works performed by the Disciples through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Are you doing the Lord's work with the power of the Holy Spirit?

2013.05.12 - Moms Are Special.     (video)     (audio)     Exod20:12     Exod21:17     Isaia49:15-16

Our Lord God commanded the Isrealites (and all humanity) to honor your mother and father.  Jesus Himself set a powerful example by honoring and respecting His mother, Mary.  Throughout His life as recorded in the Gospels, Jesus shows this reverence.  He honored Mary to the end, committing her into John's care right before Jesus' death on the cross.  Do you show honor and respect for your mother?

2013.05.05 - Do You Really Love Me?     (video)     (audio)     John21:15-17

Just as Peter had denied Jesus three times, the Lord Jesus lifted up and restored Peter by chastizing him three times.  Jesus calls on His followers to love and to obey Him.  Usually when we fail it is due to relying on ourselves rather than on the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  If we are indeed doing His work and relying on the Holy Spirit, we can not fail.  For if the Lord is with us, who can stand against us? 

2013.04.28 - The Disciples' Fishing Lesson.     (video)     (audio)     John21:1-6

Jesus personally chose several fishermen to be His disciples.  Despite being from the lower rungs of the social ladder, the fishermen embodied many characteristics that Jesus chose to use to build the early church.  When these fishermen followed and obeyed Jesus, they experienced abundant blessings and were empowered to do great, miraculous things.  How much more could you do if you obediently followed our Lord?

2013.04.21 - Who or What Do You Believe?     (video)     (audio)     John20:24-31

According to the gospels, the Apostle Thomas was not present in the Upper Room when Jesus first appeared to the gathered disciples.  The bible does not record Thomas' whereabouts between the first and second appearance of Jesus in the Upper Room.  But it does record Thomas' disbelief and uncertainty that earned him the moniker, "Doubting Thomas".  It was necessary for Thomas to see the Risen Lord for himself before he was willing to believe.  As believers we are called to live our lives in grateful response for all that the Lord Jesus has done for us.  Are you living your life as if you truly believe?

2013.04.14 - A Sunday to Ponder.     (video)     (audio)    Luk24:36-47

On that first Sunday after the crucifixion of Jesus, the eleven remaining Apostles and many of Jesus’ disciples huddled together in the Upper Room in fear and uncertainty.  Despite foreknowledge of the fate of the Jewish Messiah as reported to the people through the Prophets and confirmed by the teachings of Jesus Himself, Jesus’ followers were shaken and afraid for their future.  Would they too suffer the fate of Jesus at the hands of the Jewish leaders?  Worry and fear among ‘believers’ are manifestations belying a lack of trust and faith in God and His promises.  Do you worry needlessly?  What makes you afraid?

2013.04.07 - The Walk.     (video)     (audio)     Luk24:13-19

It is due to flawed human nature that most react negatively to life’s downturns.  It is through a selfish prism of perspective that we view ‘bad’ events.  If we step back and view the situation from God’s perspective, we could see that most negatively stems from a lack of faith.  God can, will, and does use trials to strengthen the faith of believers to grow them and to bring glory to Himself.  How do you respond to trials of faith?  Do you turn to the Lord and ask for strength of faith?  Do you seek to bring glory to the Lord?

2013.03.24 - Where and How Far Will You Go With Jesus?     (video)     (audio)     Luk19:28-40
(Palm Sunday Service)

God has had a plan from the beginning, before Time and before Creation. Jesus' humble entry into Jerusalem on the day we celebrate as Palm Sunday was fulfillment of God's plan. The disciples and the Jewish people knew the scriptures as revealed through the prophets. But they selectively chose to believe only those scriptures that foretold the coming of the Messiah and the liberation of the Hebrews from the yoke of the Roman gentiles. The crowds turned on Jesus when they realized He was not going to be the conquering "Lion of Judah". They did not see that His mission was to defeat sin and death, as introduced in the Garden of Eden. Despite being forewarned of Jesus' impending torture and death, the disciples followed Him into Jerusalem. How far are you willing to go to follow the Lord?

2013.03.17 - The Holy Spirit's Function In The Church.     (video)     (audio)     Phil2:1-4
(Part 3 in a series on the Holy Spirit)

Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, leads His church and empowers the church with Spiritual Gifts, just as He gifts individual believers. God directs the composition of His church to balance complimentary individuals Spiritual Gifts so that we are perfectly capable of performing the works that He has planned. Do you contribute according to your talents and Spiritual Gifts?

2013.03.10 - How Does the Holy Spirit Work in the World?     (video)     (audio)     John16:5-11
(Part 2 in a series on the Holy Spirit)

The Holy Spirit, present in the world since Creation, interacted with the prophets and forsaged the coming of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.  Jesus in turn promised that the Holy Spirit would indwell all believers.  The Spirit serves to guide us and to convict us when we sin and fall short of God's expectations for us.  The Spirit within us empowers us and leads us to be a bright example to all nonbelievers.  It is the job of the Holy Spirit to soften and open the hearts of those who do not yet believe.  Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to work in you? 

2013.03.03 - Empowered For What?     (video)     (audio)     1Cor12:7-11
(Part 1 in a series on the Holy Spirit)

All of those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour have been granted one or more Spiritual Gifts.  These gifts are given to you in order to provide blessings for all those around you.  When you use God's gifts to benefit others, God is glorified!  Do you know which Spirutal Gifts you have been entrusted with?

2013.02.10 - Strength Through Surrender.     (video)     (audio)     John12:23-26     1John2:15-17

2013.02.03 - How To Face Your Future.     (video)     (audio)     Jam4:13-17

James tells us that making plans without considering God's will is futile. Do you remember to ask the Lord for guidance before embarking on a new endeavour? Or do you ask for His blessings after you have already decided on a thing? Only by aligning our plans with God's will can we ensure success. Each of us has been given unique skills, talents, experiences and blessings.  There are tasks laid out before us that only we can accomplish according to the will of God.  How do you face the future?

2013.01.27 - Why Should I Forgive Someone Who Hurts?     (video)     (audio)     Gen45:4-5     Matt6:14-15

The inability to forgive leads to anger and bitterness which places one at odds with the will of God.  Joseph was able (and lead) to forgive his betrayal into slavery at the hands of his very brothers.  We too are lead, and commanded, to forgive others.  In reward, our Lord and God will also forgive us.  If our Lord Jesus could call out in His agony and passion on the cross, "Father, forgive them.  They know not what they do!", should we do any less?  Is there someone who has hurt you that you still need to forgive?

2013.01.20 - Go Out!     (video)     (audio)     Gen12:1-5     Heb11:8-10

We are each called to folow God's wishes in fath.  However, whom among us are able to show the faith the Abraham displayed when he was called to pack up himself, his family, and all of his followers and travel accross most of the known world to the land that the Lord promised him.  Would you show the same faithfulness?

2013.01.13 - Blessings or Curses for This New Year?     (video)     (audio)     Deut28:2-8

God promises to provide for all of your needs. What must you do to find further favor with God and receive additional blessings?


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