2015 Sermons




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2015.09.06 - Growing Through Faith.     (video)     (audio)     Eph3:20-21     1Pet1:6-7



2015.08.30 - Obstacles to Believing?     (video)     (audio)     Matt21:21-22     John16:23-24

Special Testimonial on behalf of Don Plumb


2015.08.23 - Why Go to Church?     (video)     (audio)     Luke4:16     Heb10:24-25



2015.08.09 - Godly Patience.     (video)     (audio)     1Sam16:12-13     1Sam24:3-4     1Sam26:7-9


2015.08.02 - Who Is Your Friend?     (video)     (audio)     1SAM:23:16-17

2015.07.26 - Experiencing God.     (video)     (audio)
Guest Pastor: Kent Dickerson

2015.07.19 - Who Is the Holy Spirit?     (video)     (audio)     Gen1:2     John14:16-17     John14:26


Pastor: Iraj

2015.07.12 - How to Live Your Life to the Fullest.     (video)     (audio)     John10:10     Eph2:4-5     1John1:9     Gal2:20

2015.07.05 - The Two Great Confessions.     (video)     (audio)     Matt16:15-16     Acts14:15


2015.06.28 - The Truth About Homosexuality - Part 1     (video)     (audio)     Gen1:27     1Cor6:9-11
Part 1 in a Series

2015.06.21 - A Father's Significance.     Eph6:4     Prov15:5     2Cor6:18
Father's Day Sermon

2015.06.14 - How Forgiven Are you?     (video)     (audio)     Matt6:12     Matt6:14-15

2016.06.07 - Are You Building Up or Tearing Down?     (video)     (audio)     Rom15:1-2     1Cor14:12

2015.05.31 - Responding to Accusations.     (video)     (audio)     Luke12:11-12     James1:19-21     James1:26

2015.05.24 - Do You Forgive?     (video)     (audio)

2015.05.17 - Guest Pastor: Chaplain Marlowe.     (video)     (audio)

2015.05.10 - Why Are Mothers So Special?     (video)     (audio)     Prov31:25-31  

2015.05.03 - Got Troubles - Part2     (video)     (audio)     Job1:1-3     Job1:9-11

2015.04.26 - Got Troubles?     (video)     (audio)     Psalm62:1-2     1Pet5:6-7     Rom8:28

2015.04.12 - What Is God's Will For Me?     (video)     (audio)     Psalm143:10
Assistant Pastor: Iraj Ostavari  

2015.04.05 - He Is Risen -- How Alive Are You?     (video)     (audio)     Matt28:5-7     Rom6:11     Gal2:20
Easter Service  

2015.03.29 - Why You Follow Determines How Far You Follow.     (video)     (audio)     John12:12-18

2015.03.22 - Who Do You Say Jesus Is?     (video)     (audio)     Matt16:13-16

2015.03.15 - How Much Do You Trust Jesus?     (video)     (audio)     John10:10     John11:16


2015.03.08 - A Grateful Heart is a Happy Heart.     (video)     (audio)     Psalm63:1-8     1Thes5:16-19

2015.03.01 - Sermon.     (video)     (audio)
Guest Pastor

2015.02.22 - Trust in God.     (video)     (audio)     Prov3:5-6     John14:1
Assistant Pastor: Iraj Ostavari

2015.02.15 - Sermon.     (video)

2015.02.08 - What Makes You Happy? (Part2)     (video)     (audio)     Psalm40:8     John4:34-38

2015.02.01 - What Makes You Happy?     (video)     (audio)     Psalm40:8     John4:34-38

2015.01.25 - How To Win The Battle.     (video)     (audio)     Rom8:11     John16:33     Isa45:2-3

2015.01.18 - What Really Matters?     (video)     (audio)     Acts20:24

2015.01.11 - Determined or Drifting This Year? (Part 2)     (video)     (audio)      Philip3:12-14

2015.01.04 - Determined or Drifting This Year?     (video)     (audio)     Philip3:12-14

2014.12.31 - Stop Blocking The Light!!!     (video)     (audio)     Eph5:8-14
New Year's Eve Candlelight Service




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